Are you overwhelmed with your stuff/clutter at your home or workspace?

Stressed and don’t know what to do with them?

Where to put them?

Don’t know how to arrange your tasks?

Going through hard times?

Want a clearer mind?

Need massive help with decluttering?

Would you like your home or workplace to be neat and tidy again?

Would you like to make a change and be called a “well organised” person?!

Don’t worry! Relax …The Organising Ninja (TON) is here to help!

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Wishing a blessed #Ramadan to those who are fasting starting tomorrow. Here is my #blog about the common teachings of #fasting & #decluttering: www.organisingninja.co.uk/fasting-decluttering-what-do-they-have-in-common/

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If you are alone, and feel that you are suffocating, please reach for help. Contact a person whom you trust & talk. Clutter or hoarding wise, contact a #professionalorganiser or #hoarding specialist. #mentalhealthawarenessweek #hoardingawarenessweek

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