10 Steps to Organise Documents for Visa Purposes

So I have been helping this client who just wanted me to help them gather and organise their documents for visa purposes.

It can be really stressful and daunting because of all the requirements official sectors need. After a few sessions, we were able to organise all the paperwork.

Their visa application was successful! Phew!

Happy client!

Here are the steps we did to make it possible:

  1. Start your application process at least 3 months before your submission date. It will give you more time to check if you have any documents missing.

2. Read carefully and thoroughly what documents are needed for the application. Create a check list.

3. Check if your documents need attesting, verifying, stamping, signing or translating. It takes quite a while to have them done.

4. Put personal photographs in a small envelope and attach it to the main application or with your ID.

5. Make copies of every original document you have.

6. Pile each category together and stack them chronically with the oldest on top.

7. Open a MS Word or Excel to create a table of contents. Be very specific in what each pocket will contain. Print it out.

8. Buy a display book and label each pocket according to your table of contents. Put the table of contents in the 1st pocket.

9. Put all your documents in place and let a second person check that you have all the docs in place.

10. Keep scans of your documents in your cloud system/email just in case!

Good Luck from The Organising Ninja 😉

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