5 Uncommon Things To check Before The Holidays

Ah, Christmas and New Year, the nation’s favourite holiday every year. A joy for some, but a heart attack for others!

Stress, anxiety, panic, we feel all these before we approach the festive season, especially if you are the person who is hosting dinners and giving gifts for kids and adults. The best way to eliminate all these unnecessary feelings is by planning ahead of time.

They are common and obvious things you need to do before the day comes, like gift and dinner shopping. But check out my 5 things to check off your list that doesn’t normally occur to you before the holidays:

  • Have a list of family and friends who are not living in your town/city. Send them cards/gifts a month before to avoid tardiness. Nothing wrong to send out your greetings ahead of time before the traffic starts!

  • Have a good stock of dry goods in your pantry such as rice, lentils, sugar, salt, spices, etc.

  • Do a good declutter and cleaning round for rooms where guests will stay over. Make sure sheets, towels and extra toiletries are ready. Always treat your guests like royalty!

  • Clear out all rubbish from your bins so it won’t accumulate and look nasty in front of your house!

  • Check your local supermarket’s opening times during the holidays. We all know that emergency trip to the shops!

I know it very tiring, but seeing the smiles on the faces of your loved ones really deserve everything you have been through the past month.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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