6 Tips For Writing Better New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year!

Hope you all had a swell time celebrating!

Going back to work/school after 2 weeks of overeating and partying could be the most unpleasant feeling in the world. That’s why I waited 10 days after New Year to write this blog, just to get back to my routine, get things settled, and start planning for this year.

Now, I know most of you write down “Resolutions”, which are your own personal goals or objectives to achieve during the new year. But before doing that, ask yourself this question:

Did you complete all your goals for last year?

Or: Did you have any resolutions at all last year?

If your answer is no for any of the above, it’s ok. You can move your unachieved resolutions to complete this year, and for those who didn’t do any last year, here’s the chance to make some.

Check these tips for creating your New Year’s Resolutions:

  • Reset your mind for a fresh new start. You can use meditation, yoga, praying, or any method to reflect your inner self.

  • When writing down resolutions, choose a place where you can see them visually every day. It could be in your diary, planner or a board.

  • Make your resolutions SMART! As the above graph, it is important to follow these rules to make sure your objectives are completed during the year.

  • Don’t write too many. 3 major goals and 5 minor ones on average is enough.

  • Share them with your close family members and/or friends to help you with them. They will keep you motivated and committed.

  • Stay optimistic and keep a smile on your face! There will be days where you will feel down, but after a rainy day, there is always sunshine to follow it.

If decluttering your house or organising your life will be one of your resolutions for this year, my advice to you is to not make the time frame short. Spread out the tasks on a period of 6 months at least, give it time. It is like losing weight, making small steps at a time in the long-term will make astonishing results.

A professional organiser can always guide and help you with your decluttering and organising goals. It is worth the investment if you are struggling to commit. You may read other blogs of mine to give you an idea on how to start.

Good luck!

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