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I am Mona Kay, AKA The Organising Ninja! I motivate and guide people to declutter and tidy their homes/workplace/life and organise them in a practical way.

I am so passionate about this field! We all dream of a perfect life but we must bear in mind that there are always ups and downs. Understanding this pattern is crucial to live a better, healthier and happier life. Helping people living a clutter-free life, mentally or physically, and teaching them simple methods of planning and decision making is my ultimate goal.

Therefore, I started my business in professional organising and decluttering and helped clients in their homes and offices for 3 years. The results were delivered through TON’s (Calm, Agile, Effective) framework. Now, I am focusing on being a motivator and influencer online through my social media and blogs.

I offer mentoring sessions as well upon request for those who want guidance on being clutter-free and other lifestyle subjects. Contact me if you would like to book for a virtual session.

If you would like me to talk at an event or feature in a podcast, TV show, Radio show, vlog or blog, I am more than happy to! Please contact me.

My Mission

Spread awareness about clutter and tackle it

My Vision

To become a leading motivator for a clutter-free life!


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