Fasting & Decluttering. What do they have in common?

We all heard about fasting, which is a willing abstinence or reduction from some or all food, drink, or both, for a period of time. A lot of recent reports are praising fasting for its medical benefits. There is even a medical clinic in Germany that specializes in Fasting! Individuals fast for various reasons, either for religious, spiritual or dieting purposes. Of course it is hard in the beginning, but then your body gets used to less food and water and adapts to this new routine.

Whatever your purpose is, fasting is a form of decluttering. Why? Because you are minimizing your intake of food and water and detoxing your body from toxic and unhealthy substances.

Hunger and thirst, and therefore eating and drinking, preoccupy us sometimes from certain aspects of our lives, our relationships and our belongings. Same thing with clutter, it makes a barrier between yourself and the outside world.


When you are willingly fasting in a correct manner, you suppress your hunger and thirst and eventually you become more aware of the surroundings around you. Since eating & drinking are no longer a priority during this period, you can be able to focus on other things.

And that is the same thing with house decluttering. It is a process of removing unwanted items in your crowded home, making room and learning to take in fewer things in your home. After this process, you will have space in your home and an emptier mind. Therefore, you will be ready to take in new challenges and new resolutions.

Fasting and decluttering both have common teachings and findings. Some of them are:
  1. Minimalism: Going through these journeys teaches you accept less, and cherish the true treasures and riches in life.
  2. Social Responsibility: Giving excessive food, clothes and other items in your home for donation while fasting or decluttering raises your awareness for people in need.
  3. Concentration: as clutter or food/water are shifted away from in front us, you will find the time and space to focus on other things, like contacting your relatives, going out for activities and experiencing the environment around you
  4. Inner Peace: They will lead to less stress and more calmness and relaxation in your life.
  5. Controllability: You will be able to resist temptations easily and be in control what goes into your body or home.


Fasting, like decluttering, must be done slowly on a long period of time with no exhaustion. Preparing yourself mentally and physically is a vital key for successful results. Consult a doctor or a professional organiser for an effective plan.

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