Setting your mind is the key …

We must admit that our houses are getting smaller, our items are increasing and our time is flying out of the window! The result is, unfortunately, a cluttered home.

The fact that our lives nowadays are infected by the fast, dynamic and demanding economy is becoming so overwhelming; we can’t even scratch our heads. If we don’t catch up with it, we will be left far behind. The same applies to our homes and offices. If we don’t keep the order sustained, it will accumulate to the point where we might not be able to walk through them.

It’s not about being a messy person, but not being able to keep a system in our lives can cause clutter in our homes and workplaces without even realising it. This may develop into more extreme cases of hoarding if it is not tackled at an early stage. People get ashamed of their clutter, which is normal, and end up isolated in their homes. So, they need to seek help before it affects their health and wellbeing.

I know many cases where people with clutter seek help from family members or friends. Most cases do not achieve any outcomes because of clashes and disagreements between both parties. Turns out that hiring a “stranger” is more effective and can reach to the wanted results.

So, when that day comes, and I meet those eager clients, everything should be “accessible”, “flexible”, “practical” and “effective”. I hear these phrases all the time when I see them during my 1st assessment, whether it was in a domestic or business atmosphere. Everybody is BUSY. That’s another word I hear all the time. But is it an excuse?

If that busy-ness includes 2-3 hours browsing all your social media on your phone while you are sitting on the sofa with your partner and watching TV, you need a desperate makeover in your life!

It is so essential to measure your time and make sure you are investing it in a way you don’t regret doing other things later on. There is a saying that goes: “Time is like a sword. If you do not cut it, it will cut you”. There are too many precious events we can’t let them slip away, like meeting friends and family, new experiences, etc. Life is too short to be wasted on invaluable things.

Motivation and determination are essential keys to start any transformation. It is a journey, an emotionally bumpy ride, where all members should hold hands and support each other. Mistakes may happen, but one must not stop there. Learn from the mistakes and do corrective actions to avoid making them again.

Decluttering a space from accumulating items is that bumpy ride that must never be underestimated. Memories, valuables and lots of other stuff turn up in this process. Therefore the relationship between the space owner and the declutterer must be built on total trust and honesty.

Decluttering is the hardest phase in this transformation and it always come before Organising your space. I used a framework with my clients during their journey which is (Calm, Agile, Effective)


In the organising world, there are soooo many different methods to maintain your items. There is no right and wrong. You should find the method that suits your individual/family/business needs according to the space you have. If you are not sure, you can always ask an organiser to guide you to the best solutions.

So, as you see, it all starts with that little desire of change for the better. Change is difficult; no one can deny it, especially if that change involves habits. It all depends on foreseeing the positive results using SMART objectives (Specified, measurable, achievable, realistic, timed). It is an investment, and any person needs to be convinced of the returns of that investment. Common sense and reason play a big role as well. I am sure that each one of us standing here wants the best for themselves and for their loved ones. It does take courage to admit our weaknesses sometimes, but we are humans at the end of the day, and we can never reach perfectionism. So, speaking up and seeking help and support is the best way to reach our goals. Success, happiness and satisfaction for sure are the Holy Grail we humans seek for. Hard work and dedication are the routes to them, but every person’s experience looks, tastes, smells, sounds and feels different. This uniqueness must be celebrated.

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