Spring Clearing (Decluttering)!

Who is ready for Spring Clearing?!

For sure you have heard of Spring Cleaning, but what about Spring Clearing?

Never done it before? Don’t worry, I got your back. Who is better to give you advice than a professional organiser and declutterer?

Clearing (Decluttering) simply means to prioritize your material possessions through a process and remove unneeded items from your home. In other words, a massive tidy up! You need to prepare your mind set and boost your motivation up to the highest as it needs lots of dedication from yourself and support from your family and friends.

Keep in mind that you must declutter before you do any spring cleaning. In order to declutter, you need to see your home as a project. Therefore, you need a strategy.

Consider these 10 points while planning for your Spring Clearing:


  1. Tackle a loft/storage rooms first, then bedrooms, living/dining rooms, bathrooms and finally kitchens.
  2. Each room needs 1 to 2 days to declutter depending on the amount of stuff you have, your timetable and energy limits. So, using a dairy or a calendar really helps.
  3. You can do it alone, but ask for support because decluttering tends to be very overwhelming. Consider taking a 5 minute break every hour and a half
  4. Do not buy anything extra during this period (except for daily food) since decluttering will reveal the buried treasures you have hidden in your home
  5. Make sure you have no distractions from kids, pets or phones. Otherwise, your task will be left undone
  6. Prepare your decluttering tools, especially bin bags. Use different coloured bags for each type of findings. Example: Black for rubbish, Green for recycling, Blue for donation, etc.
  7. Be ruthless when giving decisions about items you know deep inside that it should leave the house
  8. Deal with sentimental items at the very end of your decluttering journey. They may spark memories that will slow down your process.
  9. Dispose waste/donations generated from the decluttering process the very same day. If not, it will slow down your decluttering journey
  10. After a room is decluttered, give it a light cleaning (dusting, vacuuming). When the whole house is decluttered, you can start Spring Cleaning!


When you are done Spring Decluttering this year, my biggest advice for you is to develop habits and routines to always keep your house clutter free. Therefore, you will not spend too much time and effort in decluttering later on.

Good Luck!

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