*I ask for testimonials from my clients after the work is complete. Due to the sensitivity and utmost confidentiality needed for my services, I must conceal the identities of my clients by posting their testimonials anonymously:

“I had trouble with organising my time. I didn’t know how to do it. I contacted Mona because I was interested in these coaching online sessions. I was not disappointed. Thank you, Mona. I will refer you to my friends ;)” Z.Y, Egypt

“I took weekly organising Skype sessions with Mona for the past 6 months. Having a virtual coach was the best option for me due to my circumstances. I have to admit, you can not mess with the Organising Ninja! Flexible and strict at the same time! I am now back on track in both my private space and my life.” A.W, Birmingham

“Thank you Mona for the support and help you provided us while decluttering our home. The way you motivated us to clear out years of our clutter is the best thing that ever happened to me. I am forever grateful to you.” C.M, Nottingham

“Mona is a People’s person. She is easy going and very flexible. She makes the decluttering process exciting. Thanks to her, my bedroom is my sanctuary now! I highly recommend her.” S.H, Nottingham.

“Throughout my decluttering journey, I have found Mona to be understanding, sensitive, patient and very personable. I didn’t know what to expect at the beginning and felt skeptical, but Mona quickly changed that. I feel I’ve learnt a lot and the support received is second to none. I cannot recommend her enough!” M.C, Derbyshire

“I had a habit of forgetting everything I need to do, and I didn’t know how to manage my time and my thoughts. I met Mona at a social event where she talked about her services. I rang her the next day and asked for her help! Her technique is very simple, efficient and practical. Even though our sessions had ended, she still contacts me and makes sure that I am still on track.” F.D, Loughborough

“I like how Mona creates storage solutions from items that are already in the house. I was on a tight budget at that time and I couldn’t afford new storage boxes. Overall, she offered me excellent service and sensible prices as well.” K.L, Derby

“I moved back to the UK after 20 years of living and working overseas. The thought of unpacking to me was so daunting and I knew I needed help from somebody! I have heard of organising services before and contacted The Organising Ninja. I had all my belongings unpacked and sorted in my house in such an efficient manner! Thank you Mona for your hard work, much appreciated” A.L, Lincolnshire